gorlech are Claire and Paul, woodcrafters from West Wales. who make 'Modern Rustic' home decor, jewellery and hair accessories from sustainably-sourced wood. Whether it's a Key Rack, a set of Coat Hooks or a pair of Bookends, our products are high quality, handmade and authentic.

gorlech are Claire and Paul, woodcrafters based in rural West Wales. 
We love nothing more than being in our home workshop designing and creating stylish, functional items from sustainably sourced wood.

The wood we used was either gathered ourselves (during our previous woodland management work) or is from the waste stream of larger woodworking companies. Wood is a wonderful material that has been used for centuries to make strong, durable and attractive items for living. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, wood has been taken over by our reliance on plastics and other energy-intensive materials, such as ceramics, glass, metals and man-made composites. However, wood is unique, in that – if harvested correctly - it is a completely sustainable, carbon-neutral and zero-waste material. It is also warm, tactile and inherently beautiful. Our ancestors knew this. We hope to follow in their tradition by providing high-quality, hand-crafted alternatives to the mass-produced items sold in big stores across the globe. 

 So join us on our journey to put wood back in our homes and our hearts.

If you like what we do, but cannot see exactly what you want, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you…

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