In our last post we talked about how Paul was going to spend this week working on his reproduction in Crab Apple wood of the Skåne Mjölnir (Hammer of Thor) pendant.

Here is the original ...

Original Skane Thor’s Hammer

And here is Paul's interpretation...

Paul’s interpretation of the Skane Thor’s Hammer

After approximately 20 hours work, it is now complete, but it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. At only about 7cm tall and 6cm wide, the main challenge was finding tools small enough to carve at the level of intricacy required by the original. 

Paul’s Skane Thor’s Hammer - size

Unfortunately, despite having a battery of flexcut micro chisels at his disposal, some tasks were just too small. Just look at the level of detail needed...

The top of Paul’s Skane Thor’s Hammer

So, in true ‘Paul’ style, Paul made new tools to do the job. As you can see from the photo below, Paul turned copper nails into tools perfectly suited to the job in hand. The one on the left, is a copper nail with an elongated 1mm hole drilled into the top to make the tool for the rope work edging the middle and bottom panels. Whereas the two copper tools at the top of the photograph below were used to make the raised spheres bounded by the rope work. 

Paul’s custom made tools for the Skane Thor’s Hammer

Working at this scale, might have its challenges, but the rewards are great. As with most things in life, persistence is the key.

Persistence is the key to successful wood carving